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Special Projects Application 2024-25

The Education Foundation supports Special Projects that inspire learning, enrich teaching and nurture the spirit in our Catholic school community.
Applications are accepted from Grande Prairie & District Catholic school councils and school district staff. Applications must be approved by the corresponding school administration or District Superintendent in order to confirm that the project aligns with the plans and goals of the school district.
Special Project funding will not replace basic education funding, including wages or substitutes that are allocated by the school district. Typically, only applications for projects of a one-time nature are considered up to $5000.00. Rentals and subscriptions will not be considered for funding.
Amounts awarded will be based on the availability of funds and the number of applications received.
The Foundation will not be responsible for any liability that may be incurred by the individual or group approved for funding.



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Applications will be accepted for review once a year. Applications must be received by September 15. Recipients will be notified by October 31.
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